Community Recycling

eWaste Alternatives is an exciting nonprofit program designed to reduce the electronic waste stream through reuse while creating gainful employment for people with disabilities - right here in Maine!  

Thanks to Maine’s "Product Stewardship Law', we can bill the manufacturer of your old TV, laptop or printer instead of passing the cost onto you!  This has virtually eliminated recycling fees that used to be passed onto consumers - all you have to do is bring your unwanted stuff to eWaste Alternatives’ MDEP licensed and R2/RIOS certified recycling facility!

This service is available to the community on a walk-in basis weekdays (closed federal holidays) all year long from 7am to 2:30pm.


All Maine households, schools, nonprofits and businesses with under 100 employees are eligible for this service and these reduced fees.  

Not for you?  Check out our commercial service:
If you are not eligible - or need serialized recording, certified data destruction or site pickup and transportation services - click HERE to learn about our commercial service.

Items We Recycle For FREE:

If its electrical, made of metal or electronics - chances are we can recycle it.  See the ‘Recycle Fees’ and ‘Items We Cannot Accept’ lists below for exceptions...

  • Televisions
  • Computer Monitors
  • Laptop Computers
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Wires & Cables of all kinds
  • Printers
  • Desktop Computers & Servers
  • Network Switches, Modems, Routers
  • Power Supplies
  • Ink & Toner Cartridges
  • Servers
  • Cable and Satellite Boxes
  • Corded or Cordless Electric Tools
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Fuse/Breaker Boxes
  • Non PCB Cooled Transformers
  • Christmas lights
  • Computer Components/Parts
  • Electric Motors of all types
  • Cell Phones


Items that will involve a recycling fee are:

Miscellaneous 'Consumer Electronics such as Cameras, Typewriters, VCRs, Radios, Keyboards, Phones $.10/pound

Copiers and large free-standing printers $.20/pound

Wood console TVs, things in wood cabinets $10/ea

‘Disposable’ non-rechargeable batteries $.50/pound

Items we cannot accept:

Devices containing refrigerants such as refrigerators, air conditioners; propane or gas bottles and tanks, leaking batteries, light bulbs, fire & CO detectors,mercury switches, heavy metals (eg: lead) and wastes in liquid or gaseous states (paint, aerosols, chemicals)

Visit the ‘Contact Us’ page for our hours, directions and phone number.


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