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Extra ordinary transparency, compliance and detail...

To acheive absolute security, materials accountability and transparency, eWaste Alternatives has developed an extensive recording process.  

Unlike typical recycling services, we actually receive, record and security screen every device.  During this process, the make, model and serial number are recorded in a report.  Each device is then tested for reuse - the result is recorded, and finally any sensitive media (hard drives) hosted in a device is removed for sanitization and are recorded as well.

This process is repeated until the entire batch (all the devices received from a specific client location on a particular date) has been processed.  The report is then compiled and emailed to our accounting office who generates a service invoice attached to the full report so you can have it for asset management and proof of compliance and security.  

A summary of the report materials is also sent it to the Department of Environmental Protection as an 'approved electronic method for Universal Waste reporting'.  This important compliance feature is another service we perform on your behalf.

The report is a comprehensive document.  It acts as service agreement, certificate of recycling (COR), makes the appropriate mutual assurances (free of lien, title transfer, promise to pay), outlines the materials collection details (Department of Transportation requirement), lists each devices' details, materials disposition (reuse, recycled) and summary of asset returns or processing fees.

There is also a scorecard section in the end of the report that calculates the amount of materials received that were reused versus recycled. This information is very useful to anyone interested in measuring environmental impact, cost savings, social benefit and overall sustainability.

To view a sample of the report - click the image


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