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Dollars and Sense

To really understand just how potent eWaste Alternatives is, it is important to know what the recycling options are, here are some descriptions of typical 'recycling' resources by provider type...


Free Recycling Services

  • Average Cost per Pound = $0
  • Compliance and Security Risks: very high
  • Asset Return: 0%
  • Waste Reduction from Reuse: 0 to 8%*

You can recycle all kinds of electronics for free at a transfer station, community recycling event, Goodwill or retail store - but don't expect any security, documentation or compliance - this is designed for consumer convenience and create lots of risks.


Conventional eWaste Recycling Services

  • Average Cost per Pound = $.0 to $.20
  • Compliance and Security Risks: moderate to high
  • Asset Return: 0%
  • Waste Reduction from Reuse: 0 to 2% 

This option is the most common.  It offers site collection and usually meets the minimum federal or state requirements, but does not 'Reuse' or provide asset documentation, security screening, auditable proof of data destruction or downstream materials transparency.  Everything is treated as waste and sold for scrap value.  These services are mostly scrap brokers with trucks who sort materials by type and sell them mostly whole and untouched to a real downstream processor for the highest return.  Fees for this service are very low as there is little to no processing involved. 


Asset Management Services

  • Average Cost per Pound = $.50+ before asset returns, minimum volume required
  • Compliance and Security Risks: minimal
  • Asset Return: ~shared with customer, offsets up-front service fees*
  • Waste Reduction from Reuse: 10% or more*

Unlike the earlier options - these firms actually collect, record, screen and test every device without using subcontractors which create many of the security risks of the first two options. Detailed asset documentation, sensitive information screening, auditable data destruction measures, compliance reporting and often a shared fiscal return for the most valuable/re-marketable portion of your material.  Asset Management firms are hard to find in the Northeast US and come with high initial costs due to their intense processing, but shared asset returns often reduce these costs in the form of a credit.  Of the first three options in this list, this option is by far the best for any business, institution, or government agency with established management practices, compliance, documentation and security requirements.

In Short: Free recycling should never be used by businesses or agencies - ever. Conventional Recycling is convenient but designed for consumer waste and lacks the requirements of any business who values security, compliance or sustainability.  Asset Management Services meet all commercial requirements but are expensive and not readily available to most of Northern New England  This is why we created the 'eWaste Alternatives' program.


 The 'eWaste Alternative'...

  • Average Cost per Pound = $.0 to $.11 per pound
  • Compliance and Security Risks: minimal
  • Asset Return: Service fee reduction or elimination, remaining value to program and community*
  • Waste Reduction from Reuse: 20% or more*

eWaste Alternatives is just that - it offers an 'Alternative' to conventional recycling (wasteful focus on scrap value) by focusing on service quality, recovery and reuse for community benefit.  This model allows the detail, security and compliance of an asset management firm with the cost and convenience of a conventional recycler!

  • Most materials - reusable or not - have enough material value to sustain the labor cost of processing them, so there is no cost to our customers.  Computers, metals, wire, network devices, laptops, adapters, servers, undamaged LCD monitors and many more are all managed 'Fee Free' for our clients
  • Other materials, like non-reusable desktop printers, scanners, fax machines, phones, damaged flat panel displays etc - have a processing cost that exceeds their scrap material value - our clients pay a processing fee for these items between $.10 and $.20 a pound
  • Our Site Collection Fees are based on costs, not profit - and are intended to make the service as inexpensive and accessible as possible.
  • Processing costs for all reusable items - are passed on to the nonprofits that will reuse them - not to our clients.

Our profits come in two forms which are tied to our nonprofit mission and are NOT derived from our client service fees: 

  1. Create gainful employment for people with disabilities and
  2. Recover as much technology as possible for reuse to support students, families and nonprofits who need technology to achieve important goals, but without an 'Alternative' likely could not afford it.


Results from this case study...

  • 24% reduction in destructive scrap recycling thanks to reuse
  • 14 hours of paid employment for people with disabilities
  • 46 computers (1288 pounds) recovered for reuse
  • Estimated ACV to our various nonprofit causes = $624.00
  • Your disposal cost is cut from $491.00 down to $135.00
  • You benefit from our 'labor heavy' business model - all the compliance, security and documentation services are included!

The key lies in knowing when to retire potentially reusable assets...

The Bottom Line...

  • Top tier service quality for the cost of basic recycling
  • 100% Asset value reinvestment in our community
  • Minimized environmental footprint AND cost
  • Conversion of security and environmental risk to employment for people with disabilities and much more

eWaste Alternatives is overwhelmingly the best business choice for end-of-life asset management.

Please join the growing list of eWaste Alternatives' partners today!


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