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Data Destruction Tool

The 'Secure Erazer' IT Department Solution for sanitizing IDE, SATA, 3.5" and 2.5" hard drives...

We are pleased to announce that our latest research in the field of data forensics and destruction has led to our use of N.I.S.T. 800.88 Industrial Information Security Standards, which goes beyond old DoD 5220.22M methods into hard drive firmware based 'Secure Erase', which is more complete, 100% unrecoverable and far more efficient.  The best news is that drives sanitized with this tool are reusable!

There are several commercial tools for 'Secure Erase' out there - this is by far the best all around.  Our IT group uses seven units to sanitize hundreds of drives every week....

These units (Ultra version with Adapter Kit) are available from ITE for only  $260 + sales tax, shipping is included.

Call (207) 322-0444 and ask for Calvin - he can get you yours in just two business days!  

You can also email to place requests for this product.

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Watch our  Secure Erazer Training Video!

The unit shown in this video is the first generation Erazer.  The current production model (above) includes some advancements over its predecessor, such as a readable LED display that will display drive status, completion, error codes and menu options.  The new unit can also be used as a USB Mass Storage Device drive dock.  We use this feature to run sample forensic tests on sanitized drives.  This unit also performs a firmware executed drive fitness test upon completion of the erasure procedure.


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