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How does EWA ensure data security for donated technology?

Everything donated to eWaste Alternatives is stored at our processing facility in a secured area until receiving.  Our receiving process is much more detailed than others.  Every potentially sensitive device (cell phones, computers, storage arrays, smart network device etc) is screened for private data PRIOR to being tested.  The very first step in receiving is to inspect the device for data storage - in the case of a computer, we look for a hard disk drive.

If such a potentially sensitive device exists, it is removed from the unit and put in a secure container that moves to our data destruction processes.  To this point we have not powered the unit containing the sensitive media.

Our destruction processes are simple and very complete.  Reusable hard drives are attached to a specially modified server and undergo a US Dept. of Defense 5220.22M single pass 'quick' overwrite process.  Upon completion the server provides a report of successful or incomplete data destruction.

Hard drives that do not pass the overwrite process and all other storage devices (simm cards, flash cards, CDs, DVD's and non-reusable hard drives are physically destroyed.  Optical disks are shredded, hard drives are put into a 10 ton shear and simms/flash cards are crushed.  These materials are then sent downstream to processors who will shred the remains for base materials recovery.

Our clients enjoy our process of handling every device individually and during that process we often recover, secure and destroy data that their own IT staff occasionally miss.  Soon, our reporting process will include actual before and after proof of recovered storage devices and their destruction - including photos.

We encourage clients' interested in knowing more about this process to visit the facility and see it for themselves!


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