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What is the "3 R's" Rule?


The "3 R's" Rule - best practices of solid waste management and environmental stewardship: Stands for "Reduce" consumption, "Reuse" until no longer useful and lastly "Recycle" what cannot be reused - each step to be considered in order to minimize or delay materials entering the waste stream.**

Reduce – First step of the “3 R’s” Rule - reduce consumption, which in turn minimizes the volume of what will eventually become waste.**

Reuse – Second step of the “3 R’s” Rule - reusing materials for as long as is practical.  With regard to electronics -this usually requires an investment of labor and parts for reconditioning and redistribution of goods.  Reuse extends the lifespan of these materials and greatly "Reduces" consumption of new manufactured goods.**

Recycling - Last step of the “3 R’s” Rule - and is supposed to be the last resort when an items' reuse in its original intended purpose is no longer an option.  Recycling processes destroy materials for scrap materials which are sold to processing facilities who in turn add new material to the reclaimed and then sell the material to new product manufacturers.  


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