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Are there costs or fees for using this service?


This program was designed as a 'Sustainable Social Enterprise' - or basically a non profit program that would create employment for people with disabilities, recover reusable technology to benefit our community, and create valuable long-term business to business relationships that value 'People, Planet and Profit'

Some electronic materials have a reuse and scrap value - some have no value - and others involve significant costs to process in an enviromentally friendly/compliant manner.

eWaste Alternatives' fee model passes on ONLY the costs needed to provide collection and processing services - our development and management costs are derived from any remaining reuse value, and our real profit is measured through our social mission - employment for people with disabilities, and computers for low income families who need technology to achieve employment or educational goals.

Here's a classic 'end of the day' comparison of how eWaste Alternatives' fees measure up to other compliant reuse/recycling services:

  •  Worst case scenario - no reusable items in a load - eWa fees avg. 30% less than conventional scrap recycling
  • Average reuseables in load - eWa fees are 40% less than conventional reuse & recycling option
  • Highly reusable load - eWa fees are 70% less than conventional asset management service (Redemtech or other)

This comparison uses the three classic conventional service models:

  • Common scrap recycling (most commonly available, but least compliant and un-sustainable) - also most comparable in material outcome (scrap)
  • Reuse & Recycling option - harder to find, better for the environment that scrap recycling, but no asset value consideration given client
  • Asset Management - non-existant in the Northeast USA, would be what everyone would choose for the environmental and cost benefit IF the availability and up-front costs were realistic

The three conventional options listed here do not include the social benefits that come with using eWaste Alternatives.

Our Service Fee Table is available upon request - use the 'Contact' link to learn more.


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