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What is Maine's 'Product Stewardship' law? Do manufacturers have to pay for my recycling?

Maine's Product Stewardship Law was signed into law in 2006, and was the first law in the US that made manufacturer's responsible for the recycling costs associated with their products at end-of-life.  Several rule changes have been made since then - these changes have expanded the eligible materials list as well as who can benefit from the law.

Basically, the law focuses on the hardest materials to regulate based on WHO is responsible for them.  In Maine, the law is currently limited to Households, and in June of 2011 - it was expanded to include schools, non profits and businesses with under 100 employees.

This law is managed by Maine's Department of Environmental Protection - Solid Waste Division.

Its intent is to provide a free/low cost option for people to recycle their electronics.  Approved recycling services, transfer stations and consolidators can accept electronics from these 'generators' and pass a flat rate per pound cost onto the responsible manufacturer.

Most of these recyclers, transfer stations and consolidators still choose to bill the manufacturer AND pass on a per item fee to the consumer.

eWaste Alternatives is an approved reuse/recycling service that does NOT pass on a fee for eligible materials to its' clients.

More about this great effort here:



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