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What portion of all the technology received by EWA actually gets reused?

Our unusually strong interest in reuse has lead to extraordinary reductions in destructive recycling (also reducing client processing costs).  Our recording process is maticulously detailed so we can analyze exactly how much we do reuse.  We call this analysis a 'Green Report' and copies are provided to the clients whose materials contributed to the results.  One of the most important objective results derived from these reports is a "reuse rate".

Reuse Rate = A percentage representing the amount of reusable materials recovered from all of the materials derived from a particular source (client/donor).  The metrics used for these calculations are factored by unit count (per item) and by mass (total weight).  A per unit reuse rate of 28% means that out of 100 items contributed, 28 were determined as reusable.  Reuse rates by mass get much more detailed since device weights vary a great deal - eg: Although a per unit reuse rate of 28% implies that a little more than 1 in 4 devices were reusable, if the 28 devices were rack mount servers, and the remaining items were laptops and desktop peripherals, the by mass the reuse rate would likely exceed 60% - more than half by weight.

Classic Donor/Client Types and their respective average reuse rates:

Residential/Household Material Donors - average 8 to 14% per unit, 3% by weight;

Class 3 Donors (public schools, municipalities, small retail businesses) - avg 5 to 10% per unit, 8% by weight;

Class 2 Donors (Professional offices, banks, small & medium businesses, colleges) - avg 28% per unit, 39% by weight;

Class 1 Donors (medium and large businesses, government agencies, tech sector) - avg 77% per unit, 64% by weight.

The results of these studies are interesting because International studies have shown average industry reuse rates of 2%.


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