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Reduce and Reuse ...


eWaste Alternatives credits clients for materials that have an intrinsic scrap or reuse value on the front end.  Whereas recycling services charge a per pound fee for everything, and asset management firms provide a partial reuse value credit months after the fact.  This means that with eWaste Alternatives, you pay for only the non-reusable materials that have no scrap value at all and require special processing.  

Here's the shortlist of materials we process and which items involve a processing fee:

Processed FREE regardless of condition Processed FREE if Reusable*
Desktop Computers  Laser Printers
Notebook Computers LCD displays
Servers Keyboard and Mouse
Internal Computer Components Projectors
Storage Arrays Reproduction Equipment
Tape Drives & Archival Systems  Industrial Equipment
Rechargable Batteries -all types Office Equipment
Battery Back-Up Systems Furnishings
Medical and Laboratory Instruments AV Equipment
Network Appliances - all types Hard Disk Drives
Cell phones, smart phones and PDAs Keyboards
Ink and Toner Cartridges Mouse & Other Input Devices
Wires and Cables Notebook Docks
Electric motors Speakers & Headphones
Printed circuit board of all types Other Input Devices
Power Supplies, non-PCB conversion devices Computer Peripherals
Items That Require a Processing Fee  
Nonreusable Items in the "Reusable"list  
CRT Monitors & Televisions  
Scrap Metals  
<15" and Physically Damaged LCD Displays  

* Must meet our reuse screening requirements to qualify


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