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Our Unique Value Proposition ...more details


Hiring a philanthopic enterprise means

  • The service provider (eWaste Alternatives in this case) looks at 'profit' differently. Whereas a for-profits' objective is fiscal return, our 'Profits' involve FOUR values;
    1. Sustainable 'Fee for Service' model (charge just enough for services rendered to cover the cost of operations)
    2. Employ as many people with disabilities as possible, which results in much more service depth and added value to clients. 
    3. Recover reusable technology for community support programs and credit the client (don't charge a fee) for those reusables.
    4. Remaining asset value recovered from client material is reinvested in operations and development.

An additional benefit of these four values to our clients is that Value #4 directly impacts Values 1,2 and 3.  When surplus asset value returns (above operating cost) are reinvested in program development or staff, that economy is passed back to our clients in the form of an ever-shrinking processing fee.  Sometimes these surpluses are used to parcially or fully sponsor community support efforts such as computers for rural public libraries, teen centers, schools - throughout Maine and in other parts of New England.



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